Who founded Wild Unicorn Farmstead?


Wild Unicorn Farmstead was founded by Emily & Adam Cate. 


Emily is originally from Iowa. She graduated from the University of Iowa, studied Linguistics & Anthropology, and was involved with the student feminist group and campus garden. After a brief stint as an intern in an office, she realized she preferred weeding over meetings. She discovered the WWOOF program and dedicated the last half of her senior year 

interning on a small hobby farm in northeast Alabama. From there she worked on a small CSA farm in Pennsylvania, interned at Growing Power in Chicago, attended the Allegheny Mountain Institute in Virginia, and worked at badass coffee shop Jackalope Coffee & Tea in Chicago, and the delicious bakery, Cakes by Rachel in Crozet, Virginia. From these experiences she developed a deep passion for creating delicious food for the people around her and is devoted to growing good food for all. 


Adam is originally from Tennessee. He attended Warren Wilson College in North Carolina where he studied Forestry and minored in Economics & Small Business Management. While at WWC, Adam discovered his love for NTFPs, specifically culinary, gourmet mushrooms while working on the college forestry crew. He has known from an early age that he needed 

to work outside. After graduation he started his first business, a travelling saw-mill, in western North Carolina, worked as an arborist, and after visiting West Virginia made it his sole priority to find a way to the Mountain State. In 2011, he found his first farming position at Round Right Farm in Preston County, where he became the equipment manager and was inspired by Steve & Sunshine’s methods. After he left Round Right, he started his second business venture, a small garden while acting as caretaker at a nonprofit. 

While he was there, he found and purchased land in Lobelia, West Virginia. After a lot of work and help from friends, Adam cleared a big enough spot to put his first garden on his own property in 2015. 


Emily & Adam met in 2016. After a short time they made plans for their own farm based at Adam’s house in West Virginia.  



Panda joined the WUF team as the sweetest Head of Security in 2017.



Wild Unicorn Farmstead officially started in January of 2018.